• TRBX 1111/North Coast Limited

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    Note: This item uses FBX file structure and will only work in TANE: SP3 and TRS19.

    Disclaimer: Additional feature control sounds do not loop correctly in TANE due to differences in script messaging.

    Trainz Forge is proud to present Timken's famous Four Aces demonstrator and the heavyweight North Coast Limited. 

    The pack includes:

    -Timken 1111 as she toured 11 U. S. railroads between 1930 and 1931 before suffering boiler damage on the Northern Pacific

    -NP 2626 as first rebuilt by the NP in 1933, with the tender doghouse removed, the smokebox extended, and the smokestack extended significantly

    -NP 2626 after being converted to oil firing in 1947, in plain black service livery with a new smokebox front and smokestack, and rebuilt tender sides

    -NP 2626 after removal of the booster and feedwater heater in 1952, once again with grey boiler jacket and red roof

    As well as the following coaches, in Pullman green and (where applicable) NP Pine Tree and Loewy schemes:

    -NP 1500 Series Baggage

    -NP 1443 Series RPO

    -NP 1480 Series Baggage-Dormitory

    -NP 1170 Series Coach (wood rebuilt with steel frame and sheathing by Pullman)

    -NP 1300 Series Coach

    -NP 1340 Series Coach (rebuilt from 12-1 sleeping car in the early 1950s, Loewy only)

    -Pullman 16-section Tourist Car

    -Pullman 12-1 Tourist Car and sleeper variants (6 total)

    -NP 1658 Series Diner (wood rebuilt with steel frame and sheathing by Pullman)

    -NP 1690 Series Diner

    -Pullman 10-1-1 sleeper, [I]Chief [/I]series

    -Pullman 6-6 sleeper, [I]Poplar[/I] series

    -Pullman 3-2 sleeper-observation car, [I]Palm [/I]series

    Wherever possible, prototypical features are scripted, including, as applicable:

    -Automatic, directional marker lights on coaches

    -Working locomotive class lights

    -Selectable drumheads on sleepers and observation cars

    -Automatic passenger doors with additional manual toggles

    -Animated couplers and airhoses

    -Animated locomotive and tender brakes

    -Water scoop sounds and pfx*

    -Opening cab doors, windows, and hatches

    -Fully modeled smokebox interiors and opening smokebox doors

    -Separate cabs for coal and oil burning eras

    -Steam sounds and particle effects for injector, feedwater heater, blowdown, cylinder drains, snifters, safety valves, blower, and air conpressors*

    -Scripted smoke based on regulator and cutoff

    -Sand pfx and loading

    -Animated reversing gear, ratcheted lubricators and air compressors

    -Working air horn and low-water alarm*

    -Working valve pilot

    *In TANE, the air horn, low-water alarm, blowdown and scoop sounds do not loop correctly due to changes in message reporting