Exposition Flyer Pack #2

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A first for Trainz Simulator. Take command of a majestic Chicago, Burlington & Quincy E5 and fourteen detailed variants of custom-built passenger cars which often appeared on the elegant Exposition Flyer.

    The Flyer has been called a "Study in contradictions" for its unique existence. It was intended to provide first-class heavyweight accommodation to the Golden Gate Exposition in the summer of 1939. However, it lasted until 1949, gained a substantial winter following, hauled large coach and tourist sleeper sections to attract a wider audience, and featured some of the first and finest lightweight passenger cars on the CB&Q and D&RGW rosters, even those which later became part of the legendary California Zephyr. This pack includes a basic cross-section of cars one might find on the Flyer along with its standard motive power on the Western Pacific leg of the route.

A detailed description of this pack's features follows:

    -CB&Q Phase 1 E5. Seven A units and five B units, all with unique weathering. Features class lights, working coupler doors, custom engine and horn sounds, and a fully functional cab. Details suitable for early era (3D MU covers, only EMD handrails, black markings, diaphragms and truck shrouds). FW&D 9980 is lettered for the Texas Zephyr.

    -CB&Q Class BA-11 Baggage car.

    -CB&Q Class BA-11/12/15/16/18 Baggage Car (Identical to the BA-11 excepting the lack of a steam generator room).

    -CB&Q Class BA-19/20/21 RPO-Baggage.

    -CB&Q Class MB-22/23 Mail-Baggage. Four variants; early and late lettering, WWII silver w/ black roof, and shadowline silver.

    -CB&Q Class MA-9 RPO.

    -CB&Q Class MA-10 RPO.

    -Pullman Fourteen-Section Tourist Sleepers. Two variants, light and dark green.

    -CB&Q DA-6 Diner

    -Pullman class Fourteen-Section Sleeper. Two variants, light and dark green.

    -Pullman class 8-1-2 Sleeper. Two variants, light and dark green.

    -Pullman class 6-6 Sleeper. Two variants, light and dark green.

    -Pullman 10-Section Obs (Prewar). Two variants, light and dark green.

    -Pullman 10-Section Solarium Obs (Postwar). Two variants, light and dark green.

    -CB&Q class DL-3 (Buffet)-Lounge-Obs. Modeled separately to reflect prototypical details.

Wholehearted thanks to Zec Murphy(S301) for his scripting help. I could not have compiled these features without him.

Research comes from the following:

    -Passenger Cars of the Burlington by William L. Glick: Diagrams and car information.
    -Division Point, Railway Classics,  and Brasstrains: Model references where photographic reference not available.
    -Key Model Imports - E5 Detail studies, especially outlining Phase 1 specifics, key details, and diaphragms.

Models by Trainboi1; beta testing and advice by the Trainz Forge team and Ben Weese (Benjaminw).